18 Eileen Cliggott Memorial Trophy G1 1300D 3up Campesino 2010 Compadre
11 Chairman's Trophy G1 1500D 3up Seeking My Dream 2012 Seeking the Glory
18 Thornbird Stakes* G2 1400D 3yof She's a Maneater 2014f Natural Selection
18 Prince Consort Stakes* G2 1400D 3yoc Fearless Samurai 2014 Fearless Vision
01 Lady Geeta Trophy G1 1200D 3up Campesino 2010 Compadre
08 Jamaica 1000 Guineas* G1 1600D 3yof She's a Maneater 2014f Natural Selection
08 Jamaica 2000 Guineas* G1 1600D 3yoc Fearless Samurai 2014 Fearless Vision
22 Legal Light Trophy G1 1820D 3up Bigdaddykool 2013 Sorrentino
29 Jamaica Oaks* G1 2000D 3yof Marlene My Love 2014f Adore the Gold
27 Lotto Sprint Trophy G1 1100D 3up Talented Tony K 2011 Traditional
27 Lotto Classic* G1 2000D 3yo Market Force 2014 Adore the Gold
10 Viceroy Trophy* G1 1800D 3up Perfect Neighbour 2010g Natural Slection
17 Thoroughbred Racing Hall-of-Fame Stakes Trophy G2 1200D 3up Chace the Great 2013 Greatness
24 Jamaica Derby* G1 2400D 3yo She's a Maneater 2014f Natural Selection
15 Eros Trophy G1 1400D 3up Houdini's Magic 2012 Performing Magic
15 Jamaica St.Leger* G1 2000D 3yo She's a Maneater 2014f Natural Selection
29 Reggae Trophy G1 1000D 3up Campesino 2010 Compadre
01 Betting Gaming Lotteries Commission Trophy G2 1100D 3up Choo Choo Blue(USA) 2013m Cowtown Cat
07 Prime Minister's Stakes G1 2000D 3up Will in Charge 2013 Adore the Gold
26 Seek Exercise Book Trophy G2 1300D 3up
None-Such Sprint Trophy G1 1200D 3up
14 Only One For Me Trophy* G3 1200D 2yo
16 Gold Cup G1 1400D 3up
Governor General's Stakes G1 2000D 3up
Royal Dad Trophy G3 1820D 3up
11 2-y-o Juvenile Sprint** G3 1300D 2yo
11 Caribbean Sprint Championship** G1 1200D 3up
11 Invitational Mile G1 1600D 3up
11 Superstakes** G1 2000D 3up
25 Super Challenge Trophy* G3 1400D 2yo
09 Diamond Sprint Trophy G3 1300D 3up
09 Betting Gaming & Lotteries Stakes G3 1400D 3up
09 Diamond Mile G1 1600D 3up
26 Jamaica 2-y-o Stakes* G1 1600D 2yo
War Zone Sprint Trophy* G3 1100D 3yo
Sweet Rucks Trophy G3 1400D 2yo
Harry Jackson Memorial Cup G1 2400D 3up