06 Season Opening Stakes G3 1800D 3yo Krutoy(USA) 2015 Shackleford
06 Entrance Stakes G3 2000D 4up Mr.Chucki(USA) 2013 Point Given
06 Struna Stakes G2 1400D 3yof Mademoiselle Margo 2015f Mastery
13 Fillies Trial Stakes G3 1200D 2yof Furia Rush(USA) 2016f The Factor
13 Colts Trial Stakes G3 1200D 2yoc Golden Tay(USA) 2016 Majesticperfection
20 Russian 1000 Guineas Stakes G2 1600D 3yof Nargiz 2015f Monomakh
10 President of Russian Federation Stakes G1 2400D 4up Conard Lord(USA) 2012 Congrats
01 Kuban River Stakes G2 1200D 2yof Abiturientka 2016f Racecar Rhapsody
01 Summer Stakes G2 1200D 2yo Golden Tay(USA) 2016 Majesticperfection
01 Elita Stakes G2 2400D 4up Serebryany Dojd 2014 Serebryany Bor
01 Sprinters Stakes G2 1400D 3yo -- cancelled --
01 Russian 2000 Guineas Stakes G1 1600D 3yo Bernardino Charm(USA) 2015 Morning Line
15 Granit II Stakes G2 1600D 3up Starley 2013 Incandescent Star
29 Anilin Stakes G2 2000D 3yo Chilled Play 2015 Palander
29 Criterium Stakes G2 1000D 3up Liverpool 2015 Monomakh
29 Jockey Club Stakes G2 2400D 4up Henry Ride(USA) 2014 Candy Ride
29 Russian Oaks Stakes G1 2400D 3yof Fleet Elite(IRE) 2015f Afleet Alex
12 Aragva Stakes G3 1800D 3upfm Nargiz 2015f Monomakh
12 Volga River Stakes G2 1400D 2yof Abiturientka 2016f Racecar Rhapsody
26 City of Moscow Stakes G2 2400D 3yo Flawtess(USA) 2015 Flat Out
26 Grand Sprinters Stakes G2 1200D 3up Liverpool 2015 Monomakh
26 2yo Grand Prix G1 1600D 2yo Dream Charger(USA) 2016f Will Take Charge
26 Russian Coalminers Cup (N.N.Nasibov Cup) G1 2400D 3up Conard Lord(USA) 2012 Congrats
26 Russian Derby Stakes G1 2400D 3yo Chilled Play 2015 Palander
09 Russian St.Leger G1 2800D 3yo Tylpar(IRE) 2015 Pivotal
09 Honor of Moscow City Stakes G1 2400D 4up Tsenturion 2012 Incandescent Star
16 Autumn Fillies Stakes G3 1600D 2yof Abiturientka 2016f Racecar Rhapsody
16 Autumn Stakes G2 1600D 2yo Big Bright(FR) 2016 Ters
16 Season Closing Stakes G3 1800D 3yo Nargiz 2015f Monomakh
16 Farewell Stakes G3 2400D 4up Tion(USA) 2014 Scat Daddy
23 Season Closing Stakes G3 1800D 3yo -- transferred to 16 September --
23 Farewell Stakes G3 2400D 4up -- transferred to 16 September --