09 Ministry of Interior Cup* G3 1800D 4up Pato 2008 Fun Galore
30 Ministry of Defense Cup* G3 1800D 3yo Besalah 2009f Dynever
07 Prince Mohamed Ben Saud Alkabeer Cup* G2 2000D 4up Kamaal 2007 Dr Fong
28 Ministry of Justice Cup* G3 2000D 3yo Qatoomah 2009f El Corredor 
04 The Crown Prince Cup* G2 2400D 4up Aed Daas 2006 Go Underground
04 The Crown Prince Cup    G2 2400D 4up Fly Down(USA) 2007 Mineshaft
01 The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup* G1 2400D 4up Alwasam 2009 Dynever
01 The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup    G1 2400D 4up Sairoor 2007 Alamocitos
08 National Guard Cup* G3 1600D 3yo Alnasser Almoben 2010 Freequent
01 King Abdulaziz Racetrack Champion Cup G1 2000D 4up Alnajim Alkaser 2008 Dynever 
08 King Abdulaziz Cup* G1 1600D 3yo Motawali 2010 Blue Burner 
15 Japan's Cup G3 1600D 4up Singalat(GB) 2009g Singspiel
29 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cup G3 1800D 4upm Al Jabreiah(GB) 2009m Bertolini