09 Ministry of Interior Cup* G3 1800D 4up Besalah 2009m Dynever
30 Ministry of Defense Cup* G3 1800D 3yo Alnajim Alssarem 2010 Dynever
07 Prince Mohamed Ben Saud Alkabeer Cup* G2 2000D 4up Aed Daas 2006 Go Underground
28 Ministry of Justice Cup* G3 2000D 3yo Ameenah 2010f Freequent 
04 The Crown Prince Cup* G2 2400D 4up Sairoor 2007 Alamocitos
04 The Crown Prince Cup G2 2400D 4up Singalat(GB) 2009g Singspiel
11 The Equestrian Club Board of Directors Cup G3 1600D 4up Treble Jig(USA) 2007 Gone West
25 National Guard Cup* G3 1600D 3yo Akheel 2011 Milwaukee Brew
01 The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup* G1 2400D 4up Motawali 2010 Blue Burner
01 The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup     G1 2400D 4up Sir Jade(FR) 2009 Gentlewave
01 King Abdulaziz Racetrack Champion Cup   G1 2000D 4up Alsaef Alajrab 2007 Dynever
08 King Abdulaziz Cup* G1 1600D 3yo Akheel 2011 Milwaukee Brew 
15 Japan's Cup G3 1600D 4up Besalah 2009m Dynever
29 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cup G3 1800D 4upm It's So You(USA) 2007m Empire Maker